Awesomeness of github and Unofficial Updater 2

So originally I was going to post a note that Unofficial Updater 2 was broken since I got several emails saying that it was failing when trying to download files from Adobe. Instead, I’m going to rave about having the project on github.

So Adobe has changed some the URLs to the hot fix downloads (really no URL rewrites/redirects?) and I wasn’t sure when I’d get them fixed exactly. It probably would have been by this weekend since I already need to update Unofficial Updater 2 with APSB12-06 that was released this past Tuesday.

But while I was sleeping, Dennis Clark had already updated the that contains the URLs and sent a pull request. All I had to do in the morning was accept the pull request and repackage the installer. Luckly, Adobe only changed the URLs for the hot fix downloads and not the actual files (that would have shown up with SHA-512 hash failures). The only problem Dennis had was that he couldn’t re-package Unofficial-Updater2.jar. To do that requires having Ant Installer and modifiying create-installer.xml since it is setup with paths for my computer.

It is actually possibly to slip-stream files into the Unofficai-Updater2.jar by using jar so you don’t need Ant Installer or wait for me.

jar uf Unofficial-Updater2.jar

The fixed Unofficial-Updater2.jar is now available on github. As I said earlier, there will be another update to it to support the latest security hot fix shortly.

Again, thanks to Dennis for getting the pull request to me and to github for making it just so damn easy.