Theses are the presentations I have given. I am more than happy to give any of them at a CFUG meeting.

Web Application Security

This presentation goes over the most common vulnerabilities found in web applications as listed by the OWASP Top Ten. We will be discussing in depth what these risks are, how the attacker exploits, and how to avoid them.

Ant Ain't Hard

Apache Ant is a very useful build and deployment scripting tool. It is not all that dissimilar to CFML, especially when using ant-contrib. Will show you how to install Ant (you probably already have it if you are using CFEclipse or CF Builder 2+), basics of using Ant, integrating it with SCMs (svn and git), and a sample deployment process. Also cover AntInstaller which allows one to bundle Ant scripts into a run-able installer like was done for Unofficial Updater 2

HTML Markup for Accessibility You Never Knew About

Many of us began our web careers learning HTML, but as we spent time learning new skills such as JavaScript, CSS and Server-Side Scripting Languages such as ColdFusion, we never revisited HTML.

The HTML 4.01 spec contains many tags and attributes that are directly connected to Accessibility. Using these tags in structural markup makes our web pages much more accessible to those with disabilities. Focus on tags and attributes in HTML and the affect on accessibility with an emphasis on creating accessible data tables.

Lambda Boxes: CFML & FB Apps on the Cheap

For years deploying CFML and Fusebox applications has been expensive due to the cost of the ColdFusion server. That is no longer the case with the release of New Atlanta’s BlueDragon 6.1 Free Server. Shows you the tips and tricks to building a Lambda box (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and BlueDragon) to run CFML and FB 4 applications. Covers Apache and MySQL integration, important differences between Macromedia’s and New Atlanta’s CFML specifications and the necessary patches to the Fusebox 4 corefiles to run on BlueDragon.