Migrated to Hugo

I really haven’t paid much attention to my blog in a few years. Part of that was probably due to the fact it was running on ColdFusion (Railo 3.3 really) using Mango Blog. Both are extremely out of date and started looking for an alternative. First thought was to convert to WordPress, but given the hassles to set it up and run it securely with seemingly constant vulnerabilties reported pretty much ruled it out.

I wanted to simplify the stack and reduce attack surface, so static generators seemed like a good place to start. I looked at Jekyll first and then several others but ultimately decided on Hugo.

Upgraded to Leopard

So today I finally took the plunge to upgrade my MacBook Pro to Leopard. I am not really looking to be a trailblazer and waited for Adobe to release ColdFusion 8.0.1 with official Leopard support and knowing that a new release of an OS always have issues. I didn’t want to deal with them. But the main reasons to upgrade for me were Spaces, Time Machine, and full 64-bit OS on Intel.

Switched to MacBook Pro

For a while now I have been considering switching from a PC to a Mac. I had used Macs previously in college for non-linear video editing at the student-run tv station (STN 49), but never really like Mac OS 8 or 9 and Power Macintoshes. Mac OS X was interesting and started to think about possibly getting a Mac when Apple released the Mac mini. When Apple announced the switch from PowerPC to Intel, I became more interested. When Apple released the MacBook Pro with Intel Core 2 Duo, that finally made me want to get one.