Upgraded to Leopard

So today I finally took the plunge to upgrade my MacBook Pro to Leopard. I am not really looking to be a trailblazer and waited for Adobe to release ColdFusion 8.0.1 with official Leopard support and knowing that a new release of an OS always have issues. I didn’t want to deal with them. But the main reasons to upgrade for me were Spaces, Time Machine, and full 64-bit OS on Intel.

So I backed up all my important data. Now, I know I could do the upgrade from Tiger to Leopard, but coming from Windows and dealing with other software upgrades, I just distrust them. Clean install for me. I shouldn’t have been surprised at how smooth the process was. Rebooted then ran Software Update to get 10.5.2 and all the updates.

Overall, I am happy with with upgrading to Leopard but I have run into the graphics corruption on my MBP, hopefully that will get fixed soon.