Upgraded to Leopard

So today I finally took the plunge to upgrade my MacBook Pro to Leopard. I am not really looking to be a trailblazer and waited for Adobe to release ColdFusion 8.0.1 with official Leopard support and knowing that a new release of an OS always have issues. I didn’t want to deal with them. But the main reasons to upgrade for me were Spaces, Time Machine, and full 64-bit OS on Intel.

Switched to MacBook Pro

For a while now I have been considering switching from a PC to a Mac. I had used Macs previously in college for non-linear video editing at the student-run tv station (STN 49), but never really like Mac OS 8 or 9 and Power Macintoshes. Mac OS X was interesting and started to think about possibly getting a Mac when Apple released the Mac mini. When Apple announced the switch from PowerPC to Intel, I became more interested. When Apple released the MacBook Pro with Intel Core 2 Duo, that finally made me want to get one.