Surprise, surprise. I open up my email box and see that the latest CFDJ is available. Go scrolling through the articles to find that Jeff Peters has written a really good article on LAMBDA Boxes, and further down mentions me and my site. And because I have been busy with a new job and apartment, I haven’t updated the site much.

LAMBDA stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, and BlueDrgon, Application. I have been using BlueDragon since New Atlanta released their betas of 6.1. Most signifcant was the release of Beta 3, where it was possible to run Fusebox 4 on their free server. BlueDragon Server was the perfect fit for me since I wanted to run my site with CFML but had no money to spend on ColdFusion and I could now use the methodology I am most comfortable with.

In March, I gave an updated version of my LAMBDA presentation at the MDCFUG which covered BlueDragon 6.1 and has an improved method for running BD as non-root user than what was presented at Fusebox 2004 Conference.

For CFUNITED I have revamped the presentation with quite a bit of new material and it now covers BlueDragon 6.2. I am scheduled to present it Wednesday, June 29th (1st Day) at 4:50-5:40pm (Session 5).