Adobe ColdFusion

Adobe Flex Training for ColdFusion Developers

On Friday (November 20th), I spent my day at the free Adobe Flex Training for ColdFusion Developers. If you are (like me) working day in, day out with ColdFusion and haven’t played with or explored Flex, ColdFusion Builder, or Flash Builder you should go. While it is an “Intro”, it is enough to get your feet wet to explore more once you leave.

Another date that has been added for Washington, DC on December 17th and hopefully Adobe will add more dates and locations for next year.

CFML Admin API Project

Well, this isn’t exactly a new project. I actually started it back in 2005 when I wrote an Admin API for BlueDragon 6.2 and had a compatibility layer to map cfide.adminapi calls back to the BlueDragon Admin API.

For the past several years the code has been available on various locations. Ultimately, the Admin API for BlueDragon 6.2 that I wrote became the basis for the Open BlueDragon Admin API, but the compatiblity layer was not used. The direction of building a compatibility layer to match ColdFusion MX 7 (or later) didn’t seem to be a sustainable idea, since I’d always have to chase how the ColdFusion Admin API was implemented for calls and returns.